Pull Assigner and Pull Reminders have been retired. Migrate to code review assignment and scheduled reminders to continue using these tools.

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“Pull Analytics has helped us get a good degree of visibility into our review process and enabled us to optimize and enforce SLAs.”

Ganesh RK VP of Engineering

“Pull Analytics has been instrumental in adding transparency and accountability to our code review process.”

Anton German CTO

“Pull Analytics has helped us identify bottlenecks in our workflow and aided in our team effort to ship pull requests faster.”

Zan Rosenthal Software Developer

“Awareness has increased. Time to review has significantly decreased. As a result, our engineers' productivity has improved.”

David Virtser Engineering Manager

“The time between code reviews has drastically improved and stale pull requests have been cut down by half.”

Lam Chou Engineering Manager

“Developers have been able to deliver code faster and easily stay on top of PRs that need their input.”

Monica Lent Frontend Lead