June 17, 2019

Pull Panda is joining GitHub!

I am thrilled to announce that Pull Panda has been acquired by GitHub.

I started Pull Panda a year and a half ago to help teams streamline code reviews and gain insights into their processes. Today, thousands of organizations around the world use our products to complement their daily development workflows.

Joining GitHub will allow our products to be fully integrated and offered to millions more developers around the world. I will be joining the GitHub team to integrate Pull Panda and continue to grow its features as part of the core product.

It has been a pleasure and honor to serve such wonderful customers. This journey would not have been possible without your ongoing feedback and encouragement. I look forward to continuing to work together to improve how teams build software!

-Abi Noda
Founder & CEO


What is happening to Pull Panda?

Pull Panda is now free and will continue to be supported while we integrate its features into GitHub.

What’s happening to my paid subscription?

All paid subscriptions have been converted to free subscriptions effective today.

Can new users and organizations still sign up?

Pull Panda is no longer accepting new sign ups.

Can I still sign up for the Enterprise plan?

We will no longer offer the Enterprise plan. Existing customers of Enterprise plans can continue to use our on-premises offering.

Who should I contact for support?

Please contact us for support.