Pull Reminders Subprocessors

Last updated: May, 3 2019.

To support Pull Reminders in delivering its Services, Pull Reminders may engage third party service providers to assist us with its data processing activities. When we work with these service providers in our capacity as a data processor, the third-party service provider is a subprocessor of Pull Reminders (“Subprocessor”).

This page identifies the Subprocessor, describes where they are located, and what services they provide to us. We work very hard to maintain your trust when we bring on new Subprocessors, and we require all Subprocessors to enter into data protection agreements with us that restrict their processing of Personal Data (as defined in our Privacy Policy).

Pull Reminders currently uses the following Subprocessors:

Subprocessor Service provided Location of subprocessor
Amazon Web Services Cloud services provider United States
Google Email, file storage United States
Heroku Cloud services provider United States
Rollbar Error reporting software United States
Stripe Payment processing United States

Our business needs may change from time to time. For example, we may deprecate a Subprocessor to consolidate and minimize our use of Subprocessors. Similarly, we may add a Subprocessor if we believe that doing so will enhance our ability to deliver our Services. We will periodically update this page to reflect additions and removals to our list of Subprocessors.